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Teresa Wallace, Senior Human Resources Consultant at Allianz Worldwide Partners, USA, found her days slipping away as she managed approximately 70 leave cases at any given time, all on a simple spreadsheet. Oftentimes, Wallace found herself staying at the office hours later than she intended to, managing leaves. A lack of tangiable work-life balance due to the inefficient leave management process and complex work environment led Wallace to begin researching a more viable solution. 

“Prior to Presagia, everything we did with leave was manual... the email, typing up the forms, creating the correspondence packets, copying, and scanning. It was very, very time-consuming," explained Wallace. 

Having already chosen Ultimate Software's UltiPro Human Capital Management (HCM) System, Presagia (who is Ultimate's leave management partner), was a solution that made sense for Allianz Worldwide Partners. This partner-integrated solution gave them the complete package that they needed for their HCM. 

Gone are the days when Wallace would spend half of her time walking back and forth to the scanner, manually entering in the leave forms to her computer. Now, everything she needs is housed in Presagia... a tremendous time saver! 

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