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Presagia Presents at Disease Management Association of America-National Association of Manufacturers (DMAA-NAM) Summit

Montreal, Canada, September 20, 2007—Presagia Corp., a leading provider of innovative web-based software solutions for integrated absence & disability management, today announced the success of its sponsored session, “DM to DM: Keys to Successfully Integrate Disease and Disability Management” at the DMAA-NAM Integrated Care Summit in Las Vegas, September 19, 2007. Presented by a group of industry thought-leaders, it explored the synergies between Disease Management, Disability Management and other Health & Productivity programs and examined the potential of an integrated approach. The presenters were:

• Gerald F. Blaum - Vice President, The Loomis Company
• Bruce Goya, M.Ed, CRC - University wide Coordinator of Employee Support Programs, University of California
• Dr. Robert B. Hall, Ph.D., CRC, CDMS - Moderator, Presagia
• Dr. Patricia Salber, M.D., MBA, President of PRS Strategic Healthcare Consulting

Today, Disease and Disability management are two widely used strategies to address workforce absence, as well as health and productivity issues. Both focus on targeting the 20% of the population that accounts for 80% of absence and its related health costs, however, they are still managed separately by the vast majority of employers. Recently, forward thinking employers, industry experts and vendors have begun to recognize that significant gains can be made through the integration of these two processes as part of the creation of a multi-tiered strategy to optimize health risk management.

“DM to DM: Keys to Successfully Integrate Disease and Disability Management”, drew on the expertise of a diverse set of industry thought-leaders from the areas of disease management, absence and disability management, technology, health risk management, and productivity management. By taking a broad look that highlighted a variety of experiences, it provided attendees valuable insight into how they can better coordinate their own programs.

It is a goal of Presagia to advance the practice of integrated absence & disability management. Utilizing informative sessions such as this one, Presagia hopes to increase awareness within the employer and service provider communities of the significant benefits that can be achieved through an integrated approach to overall absence, health and productivity.

Presagia presents at a variety of conferences, in Webinars as well as in day long educational sessions, and invites all those interested to check the up to date schedule on the Presagia website.

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