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Allianz Worldwide Partners Saves Time Managing Leave With Presagia

Allianz Worldwide Partners Saves Time Managing Leave With Presagia

Hours of data-entry, putting together and sending leave correspondence, and calculating leave eligibility and entitlement are all typical time-consuming tasks for leave managers who are administering leaves of absence manually. Our friends at Allianz Worldwide Partners had these aches and pains, with their Senior Human Resources Consultant seeing her days slip away, along with her sense of work-life balance. That’s why Allianz Worldwide Partners made the decision to adopt Presagia Leave… and haven’t looked back since!

They selected Presagia to integrate with their other HR software, allowing for them to have a holistic human capital management solution. Now, they are managing their leaves of absence with maximum compliance and time-savings!

Gone are the days when their leave managers would spend half their day walking back and forth to the scanner, manually entering in the leave forms to their computers. Now everything they need is housed right in Presagia… a tremendous time saver!

“I can honestly say, from a work perspective it’s changed my life. It’s given me my work-life balance back.”

Senior HR Consultant, Allianz Worldwide Partners

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