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The Pillars of Leave Management: Workflow For The ADA Interactive Process

This year, Presagia's team has been honored to contribute a column in each issue of the Disability Management Employer Coalition's (DMEC) publication, [...]

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Riding Out The Storm: Leave Management In A Natural Disaster

This season’s destructive hurricanes, including Harvey, Irma and Maria, have major cities like Houston and Miami racking up hundreds of billions of[...]

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How to Improve Your Return to Work Program With One Simple Tool

We went back through our library of resources and found a great whitepaper that we think is just as relevant today as when we initially released it. [...]

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3 ADA Mistakes That Could Get You into Hot Water

Managing the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is no easy feat. To stay compliant, employers must engage in an interactive process to determine if[...]

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Presagia Launches Groundbreaking Version of Cloud-Based ADA Solution

MINNEAPOLIS,MN - May 02, 2017

Presagia, the industry leader of cloud-based leave management and accommodation solutions, has released a new version[...]

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ADA 101: 5 Key Definitions for Understanding the ADA

Having trouble with all of the terminology in the Americans with Disabilities Act? With more and more employers facing charges of disability[...]

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ADA 101: Six Steps to the Interactive Process

This blog post is the second in our ADA 101 series. Click here to read our first blog post, which examines how an employee’s case can transfer between[...]

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ADA 101: 2 Ways An Employee’s Case Can Transfer Between FMLA and ADA

As a stand-alone piece of legislation, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) can be confusing enough. But what’s even more confusing is[...]

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