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The Metrics You Need to Manage FMLA

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Employers have a huge opportunity to address the most manageable and costly absences, those that are incidental and unplanned like FMLA and Short-Term Disability.

The first step is implementing a centralized system with leave rules to automate processes like FMLA requests and approvals.

The next is putting the right set of metrics in place to measure and monitor workforce leave, identifying cost-drivers, best-practices, and ROI.

In this hands-on guide, we will allow you to answer "what happens to my organization's productivity when employees are on leave?" by:

  • Analyzing trends to help formulate absence management strategies
  • Monitoring change to measure ROI of programs and practices
  • Identifying risks in real-time to proactively address them and minimize costs
  • Showing you the advantages of using an integrated in-house leave solution like Presagia

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