Pregnancy & Parental Leave in America

Not sure how to manage pregnancy and parental leave?

Our infographic can help with that! 

Pregnancy & Parental Leave preview

The Pregnancy & Parental Leave in America infographic answers your questions about this tricky topic, including:

What's the most common birth day and month?

  • The most common birth day is Tuesday and the most common birth month is August.

How much leave do new moms take?

  • Around 50% of new moms take less than 2 months of pregnancy disability or bonding leave. 

When do new moms return to work after giving birth?

  • Around 23% of new moms return to work within two weeks of giving birth.  

What were some common charges filed in relation to pregnancy and parental leave?   

  •  In 2017, the majority of charges filed with the EEOC included allegations of discharge based on pregnancy. 

Do a lot of fathers take leave for their new child?

  •  7 in 10 fathers took less than 2 weeks off following the birth or adoption of their child. 

Which states provide pregnancy & bonding leave?

  • California, New Jersey, New York, and Rhode Island provide paid pregnancy disability & bonding leave. 

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